PM Series


The PM Series range is available in 6 sizes with power capacities up to 84kW and gear ratios from 5:1 to 333:1.

The geared motor units are available as:

  • Single worm units - Type PW
  • Helical / worm units - Type PH
  • Helical / bevel units - Type PB

Features & Benefits

  • Bevel helical version offers reduced running costs through high efficiency.
  • Worm helical version provides wide range of ratios allowing for optimum speed selection.
  • Accepts all standard IEC motors with trouble free plug in design allowing customer specific motors to be accomodated.
  • Vertical output dry well eliminates process contamination and possible catastrophic failure due to loss of lubricant.
  • Integrated hold back provides process security in inclined applications.
  • UK designed and manufactured ensuring outstanding customer service.
  • Peace of mind with proven design tested throughout industry
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